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Investigation of Agave as an Acceptable Sugar Replacer in Combination with Partial Wheat-Free Flour in Homemade Fudge Brownies

by Maria Ximena-Hedrick, Sam Pomeroy, Erika Wenger

Maria Ximena-Hedrick, Sam Pomeroy, Erika Wenger

Reducing the amount of sugar in a baked product may help decrease weight gain in individuals struggling with weight concerns or any disease such as diabetes mellitus. The study shown below evaluates the acceptability of agave as a sugar replacement in a control brownie recipe, along with a 25% substitution of gluten-free flour.

To determine the acceptability of the replacement three different recipes were used, a control with granulated sugar, a substitution of agave, and the substitution of agave with 25% gluten-free flour with all-purpose. A total of 31 random and inexperienced or non-nutrition CWU students participated in these sensory evaluations. The sweetness, moisture and duo-trio sensory test concluded that a majority of the judges could differentiate differences between both agave brownies from the control.

According to objective testing, the reduced gluten-free agave brownie contained significantly more moisture (24% ± 2%, P <0.05)) although the judges found this to contain the least amount of moisture. The viscosity of the brownies was only significantly different (p< 0.05) between the controls and both the agave substitution samples. Additionally, the density test concluded that the agave brownie was significantly (p<0.05) more dense then the other two brownies.

Overall for the preference sensory test, subjects found significant differences (p<0.05) between the control (7.7±1.5), the agave (5.5±2.4) and reduced gluten agave (6.1±2.2). Although the control was preferred the most, the reduced gluten agave brownies were considered more acceptable by the judges than the agave brownies, making them an acceptable sugar substitute in brownies.

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