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Incorporation of Garbanzo Bean Flour as Fiber Enhancer in Chocolate Cake

by Griselda Romero, Heather Femrite, and Whitney Johnson

Griselda Romero, Heather Femrite, and Whitney Johnson

Garbanzo bean flour (GBF) is an excellent source of dietary fiber, containing 5 grams of fiber per serving (30 grams).  Those lacking it in their diets can efficiently use it as a fiber source. This study determined the sensory and objective characteristics of chocolate cake made using garbanzo bean flour as a fiber enhancer.

The unaltered commercial cake mix was used as the control (C). GBF was used to increase the fiber content of the cake to at least 2.5 grams of fiber per serving, making a “good source of fiber.” This was accomplished in two ways: 1) adding 40 grams of GBF to a control chocolate cake mix (A), and 2) replacing 40 grams of the cake mix with the 40 grams of GBF (R).

Twenty-six untrained subjects participated in rating the acceptability of the cakes using a 9-point hedonic scale, and there was not a significant difference in acceptability. The A sample was significantly less sweet than C, and it was significantly less moist than both C and  R based on sensory testing. Objective testing using the TA.TX2 Texture Analyzer determined compression and penetration force for each cake using 4 different probes.

Objective and subjective analysis between all cake samples indicated some significant differences between the cakes; however, the differences did not affect the cake acceptability. Overall, this study demonstrates two acceptable methods to increase the fiber intake of consumers depending on personal preference.

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