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Hempseed Powder as an Added Source of Fiber and Omega-3 Fatty Acids when Replacing Flour in Chocolate Brownies

by Halley Newhouse, Bethany Simmons, and Sarah Workman

Halley Newhouse, Bethany Simmons, and Sarah Workman

People with adequate amounts of fiber included in their diets have a reduced chance of developing cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Fortification of baked products with a good source of fiber can help the average American meet this nutritional need. Fortification with hempseed has the added benefits of increasing omega-3 fatty acids and as a vegetarian source of easily digestible protein.

This study determined if hemp protein powder could be used as a substitute for all-purpose flour in chocolate brownies by substituting hemp protein powder for flour at 43% and 57% volume/volume. Vital-wheat gluten was also added to the brownies containing hemp to retain desirable baking qualities and the percentage of hemp substitution reflects this addition. Brownies fortified with hemp were compared to brownies made according to the same recipe without hemp.

Differences in brownie height, density, and stickiness were found between the different substitution levels and the control brownies. Untrained panelists (n=31, n=34) evaluated brownies for differences in sweetness and graininess when compared with each other using a nine-point hedonic scale and reported differences in both attributes between substitution amounts and the control. However, while a difference did exist in the preference ratings, overall preference for the 57% substitution was high with the majority of panelists liking the brownies very much. This study concludes that use of hemp protein powder for all-purpose flour at a 57% volume/volume substitution in chocolate brownies is acceptable.

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