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Greek Yogurt as a Fat Replacer in Gluten-Free Banana Muffins

by Erika Davis, Bethany Frieler, and Lauren Stark

Erika Davis, Bethany Frieler, and Lauren Stark

A reduction of fat in gluten-free baked products may help prevent weight gain in individuals adhering to a gluten-free diet. This study determines the acceptability of gluten-free banana muffins when the butter within the control recipe is replaced with 0% or 2% Greek yogurt (GY).

A total of 54 untrained CWU students participated in sensory evaluations. Judges were able to differentiate the GY muffins from the control, but could not determine differences in moisture or sweetness between treatments. In contrast, the objective testing indicated significant differences in texture. When compared to the control, GY muffins required significantly (P<0.05) more penetration (without crust) and compression force.

In addition, 0% GY had the greatest moisture and stickiness, which required the most penetration force (with crust) (P<0.05) whereas the control had the least moisture, stickiness and penetration force (with crust) required.

In conclusion, although judges could not detect differences in moisture nor sweetness, they significantly preferred the control sample in comparison to the GY muffins. Although GY muffins had a lower preference rating, they were remained acceptable to judges, therefore making GY an acceptable substitute for butter in gluten-free banana muffins. Further sensory evaluation of structural differences would better explain these results.


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