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Gluten-free Flour Mix is a Successful Substitute with the Addition of Xanthan Gum

by Shandra Garrison & Delayna Breckon

Shandra Garrison & Delayna Breckon

In this experiment we set out to determine if Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose  (BRMGF) flour could be substituted for all-purpose wheat flour in a traditional yellow cake recipe. 

We did a randomized controlled trial including three cakes.  The control cake was made with all-purpose wheat flour.  Both of the variable cakes were made with BRMGF.  The first of the variable cakes had the addition of one teaspoon of xanthan gum, (GFX).  The second variable cake had no xanthan gum (GF). 

Objective data, regarding cake height, tenderness and compression force was collected from four series of cake samples.  Sensory panelists evaluated cakes by sweetness, acceptability and difference.  Random subjects were selected to determine if the cake made with the substitute flour was acceptable. A one way Analysis of Variance test was used to analyze sensory and objective data. 

The objective and sensory tests conclude that BRMGF can produce an acceptable yellow cake with height and flavor comparable to the control cake as long as xanthan gum is also added.  These findings encourage the use of BRMGF coupled with xanthan gum, for those on a gluten restrictive diet.

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