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Ginger Snap Cookies Fortified with a Multi-vitamin and Calcium Supplement to 19 % of the DRI Makes an Acceptable Product

by Kate London, Jennifer McNeely, Erin Sellers , Vu Tran

Kate London, Jennifer McNeely, Erin Sellers , Vu Tran

The standard American diet does not necessarily allow for an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals.  The objective of this study is to examine the feasibility of adding 19 % and 100% of the DRI of multi-vitamins and calcium citrate to ginger snap cookies. Adding 19 % of the DRI to cookies makes the cookies a good source of vitamins and minerals and adding 100 % of the DRI makes the cookies an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

Twenty-two subjects participated in sensory tests to determine the intensity of chewiness, bitterness, sweetness, saltiness, and overall preference. The results indicated that there is a significant difference between the control cookie and the 100% DRI fortified cookie, in almost every category. 

Objective tests included Warner Bratzler Shear Apparatus test for tenderness, TA.XT2 texture analyzer for penetration force, and the caliper height measurement using three cookies height.   The objective tests for penetration force showed a significantly higher force penetration between control and when compared to the 19% DRI and 100% DRI.  The 100% DRI cookie was significantly taller than the other two variations.  Overall, fortifying vitamins and calcium citrate to ginger snap cookies are acceptable supplements only in a 19% DRI amount.

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