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Garbanzo Bean Puree is an Acceptable Fiber Additive in Carrot Cake Mix to Achieve a "Good Source" of Fiber

by Robyn Cawker and Susan Eikenbary

Robyn Cawker and Susan Eikenbary

The purpose of this experiment was to produce an acceptable high and good source of fiber carrot cake. Three cakes were prepared from Betty Crocker Carrot Cake mix according to package instructions; however, garbanzo bean puree was added: 362 grams in the good source and 723 grams in the high fiber. 

Forty untrained judges performed six sensory evaluation tests; four objective evaluations were also performed.  Significant sensory results were: good source couldn't be distinguished from control, control was sweeter than both variable cakes, high fiber was chewier than control, and control was not preferred over good source. 

Objective tests found significant differences in stickiness, compression, moisture content, and density: high fiber received the highest ratings, followed by good source, and control received the smallest ratings.  We concluded garbanzo bean puree is an acceptable fiber additive to achieve a "good source" of fiber, but not to achieve a high fiber product.

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