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Garbanzo Bean, Pea, Soy Flour are Acceptable Partial Substitutes for All-Purpose Flour to Achieve Various Desired Characteristics in Pumpkin Spiced Muffins

by Whitney Graham, Jonina Campbell, and Jennifer Simpson

Whitney Graham, Jonina Campbell, and Jennifer Simpson

Flours produced from legumes instead of grains are gaining nutritional interest because of their added health benefits.  However, flours made from legumes lack some of the physical contributions of all-purpose flour to create a quality baked product.  Combining part wheat flour with part legume flour may produce a more nutritious and quality product.  This study aimed to determine whether substituting 25% of the wheat flour in pumpkin spice muffins with garbanzo, pea and soy flour produced acceptable and comparable products. 

It was concluded that there is no significant preference difference between the control and the soy flour variation as well as between the soy and garbanzo flour variations.  Also, judges were unable to distinguish a difference between the pea flour and the garbanzo bean flour variation.  However, judges preferred the control over pea and garbanzo bean variations as well as soy over pea muffins.

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