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Garbanzo Bean Flour is an Acceptable Partial Substitute for All-Purpose Flour in Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

by Dana M Storlie, Molly J. Maxfield, Nathan M. Decker

Dana M Storlie, Molly J. Maxfield, Nathan M. Decker

This study involved testing of three different chocolate chip cookie bars to determine the effects of flour substitutions on physical and sensory qualities.  The different varieties prepared were compared to 50% garbanzo bean flour and a 50% flaxseed flour substitution, compared to a control.  Thirty untrained Central Washington University student judges evaluated the bars for general differences (duo trio tests), sweetness, aftertaste, and overall preference. 

Objective testing was done to determine physical differences between the cookie bars.  Height was evaluated with a caliper, and a TAXT2 was used to measure compression force, puncture force, and sheer force.  Significant differences were found in both objective and sensory testing, however, preference test results revealed that garbanzo bean flour is an acceptable substitute.

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