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Fruit Bars with the Addition of TreeTop Pear Fruit Flakes May Be Acceptable As an Excellent Source of Fiber

by Aimee Gustin, Jenn Burgart, and Holly Krawiec

Aimee Gustin, Jenn Burgart, and Holly Krawiec

The amount of fiber consumed by the average healthy American is about half of the recommendations set by The American Dietetic Association.  The recommendations are 20-35 grams of fiber each day; the average American is consuming 14-15 grams (5). The focus of this research was to test the acceptability of TreeTop pear fruit flakes as a fiber additive to a fruit bar recipe.  Pear fruit flakes were added in variable amounts in order to make a nutritional claim of “good source of fiber” and “excellent source of fiber”.


Objective testing on the three variations (control, "good" and "excellent" recipes), was used to determine any differences in height, tenderness, stickiness and firmness.  Height was determined using dial calipers, tenderness and stickiness were determined using TA.XT2 texture analyzer, and firmness was determined with the Warner-Bratzler shear apparatus.  Results of the tests showed significant differences within each variation.  There were two rounds of sensory testing consisting of a total of 120 untrained sensory judges at Central Washington University in fall of 2010.  The initial testing was a duo-trio and preference test; there was a significant difference between duo-trio tests, but not in preference.  The second round of testing was intensity of sweetness, chewiness, and stickiness using an unstructured scale.  All intensity tests showed significant differences using the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).


Our results conclude pear fruit flakes to cause significant differences in all sensory and objective tests; however, there were no significant differences among personal preferences.  Therefore, it could be beneficial to add pear fruit flakes as a source of fiber.

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