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Flax Meal and Wheat Bran as Sources of Fiber in Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Emily Abbott & Kristin Followill

Emily Abbott & Kristin Followill

The purpose of this study was to find an acceptable fiber additive for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (OCCC).  The addition of flax meal or wheat bran to OCCC results in cookies with 2 grams of fiber each. Three cookie samples were prepared and tested: control, flax, and bran.  Triangle tests indicated detectable differences between the control and the variations. 

Sensory moisture and sweetness intensity tests showed the control to have the most moisture and sweetness, with no differences between flax and wheat bran. A preference test showed only differences between flax and control, with the control being preferred over flax. 

Objective moisture tests showed wheat to have the most moisture followed by control and flax.  Cookie diameter measurements showed the control to have the largest diameter, with no differences between flax and bran diameters.  Height measurements found the wheat to be the tallest cookie followed by flax and then the control.  Penetration force, measured by a universal texture analyzing machine showed the wheat to be the toughest cookie, followed by flax, and the control as the softest.  Given these results, it was found that both flax and bran are acceptable additives to increase fiber in OCCC.

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