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Fibersym RW is an Acceptable Flour Substitute to Increase Fiber Content in Shortbread Cookies

by Jennifer Cottrell, Amanda Thompson, & Julie Thrasher

Jennifer Cottrell, Amanda Thompson, & Julie Thrasher

Fibersym RW was substituted for part of the flour in shortbread cookies to produce products that met the Food and Drug Administration standards for good and excellent sources of fiber.  The variations consisted of a control group that contained no fiber, a group containing a good source of fiber, and a final group that contained an excellent source of fiber.  Objective tests were performed to measure shear force, weight and height of the cookie variations. 24 random judges were obtained from various nutrition classes.  Sensory tests were  then performed in order to determine if there were significant differences in sweetness intensity, tenderness, acceptability and overall preference.  The results of the various tests showed that there was a significant difference in height, tenderness and acceptability.  The excellent source shortbread cookie had a significantly higher mean score for acceptability and tenderness than the control group.  In measuring overall preference scores, there was no significant difference between the three variations.  These findings conclude that Fibersym RW is an acceptable partial substitute for flour in shortbread cookies.

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