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Fibersym May be an Acceptable Fiber Supplement in Corn Muffins

by Alicia Casad, Katie Hummel, and Francis Razey

Alicia Casad, Katie Hummel, and Francis Razey

This study involved testing of three different corn muffins to determine the effects of adding Fibersym brand fiber on sensory and objective properties. The different varieties of muffins included a control, a variation that provided a good source of dietary fiber (2.5 g per serving), and a variation that provided an excellent source of fiber (5 g per serving).

Twenty untrained Central Washington University student judges performed a series of sensory tests that included triangle, duo-trio, chewiness and moisture intensity, and overall preference.  Three objective tests were performed, two that analyzed the texture of the muffins, and one that measured the height of the muffins.  A significant difference was detected between the control and excellent source muffin, and the control muffin was significantly more preferred than either of the Fibersym muffins.  The control muffin was also significantly more moist than the excellent source muffin.  Both variations of Fibersym muffins required significantly more compression force than the control, and significant differences were found among all three muffins for shear force.  The control muffin was found to be significantly shorter than both the Fibersym muffins. 

While some significant differences were found between the groups containing Fibersym, results showed that the differences were small and Fibersym may still be an acceptable addition to foods.  The health benefits of fiber, which include reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, serum cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels, make the small differences found in Fibersym muffins acceptable.

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