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Fat-Free Cream Cheese is an Acceptable Fat Replacement in Peanut Butter Cookies

by Melissa Cunnington, Erica Sharp, Katelyn Sharp

Melissa Cunnington, Erica Sharp, Katelyn Sharp

Peanut butter cookies have a high fat content, and because of the popularity of these cookies it is valuable to determine if a lower fat version is acceptable.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether fat-free cream cheese is an acceptable fat replacement for shortening in peanut butter cookies. The study was conducted in 2009, and was an experimental blind study. The judges for this study were untrained, volunteer CWU students and faculty. To be eligible the judges could not have any peanut, gluten or dairy allergies. The study consisted of 60 preference tests, 39 tenderness tests, 61 duo-trio tests, and 40 saltiness tests. The primary outcome measure was to determine whether or not the low fat peanut butter cookie was an acceptable replacement for the original peanut butter cookie.

The statistical analysis used was ANOVA and Tukey’s LSD. The findings indicate that there is no significant difference in preference among the low fat cookie and the original cookie, therefore the fat-free cream cheese is an acceptable fat replacer in peanut butter cookies.

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