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Evaluation of Acceptability of Quiche Using Egg Replacer or Egg Substitute Compared to Whole Eggs

by Laura Arstein & Alison Jenkins

Laura Arstein & Alison Jenkins

Excess dietary fat and cholesterol contributes to an increased risk of heart disease and eventually heart attack.  In order to reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol found in quiche, egg substitute and egg replacer were used in place of whole, shelled eggs in quiche prepared for this experiment. 

The acceptability and moisture content were then evaluated using a variety of objective and sensory evaluation tests.  The results concluded that the use of a powdered, non-dairy egg replacer was not an acceptable substitute for whole eggs.  However, using EggBeaters brand egg white based substitute created an acceptable quiche as compared to the control quiche using whole eggs. 

The tests that were conducted revealed that there wasn't a significant difference in acceptability of a quiche made with egg substitute in place of whole eggs.

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