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Evaluation of Acceptability with Added Health Benefits of Coconut or Flaxseed Oil in Yellow Cake

by Melanie Olnon, Marah Rankins, & Nicole Thompson

Melanie Olnon, Marah Rankins, & Nicole Thompson

The substitution of healthier fats in baked products may help reduce the risk of heart disease. This study determines the acceptability of yellow cake when soybean oil within the control recipe is replaced with coconut oil or 50% flaxseed oil.

A total of 64 untrained CWU students participated in sensory evaluations portion of this study. Judges were able to differentiate the soybean (control) yellow cake from the coconut oil or 50% flaxseed oil, but could not determine differences in acceptability. The judges could distinguish a difference between the soybean oil and 50% flaxseed/50% soybean oil treatments, but were not able to distinguish a difference between the soybean to coconut oil, as well as the coconut to 50/50 oil treatment.

Through objective testing, significant differences were found in penetration and moistness. When compared to the other treatments, coconut oil cake samples required more penetration and compression force. There was found to be a similar percentage of moisture in the three treatments, with the 50/50 oil treatment having lost the most moisture and the soybean oil treatment having lost the least amount of moisture. There was no significant difference found between the treatments for the compression test.

In conclusion, although the alternative oil samples had a lower preference rating, they were acceptable to judges; therefore, making coconut oil or the 50/50 oil treatment an acceptable substitute for soybean oil in yellow cake. Additional sensory testing with the alternative oil substitutes would further verify the acceptability of them in yellow cake.

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