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The Effect of Oat Fiber on the Physical Properties and Preference of Peanut Butter Cookies

by Brad Vogel, Jenni Korenek, and Quratulain Mansur

Brad Vogel, Jenni Korenek, and Quratulain Mansur

Dietary fiber has many proven health benefits ranging from gastrointestinal to heart health. However, the typical American diet does not meet the recommendation for daily fiber intake. It would be worthwhile to explore ways of increasing fiber intake by incorporating it in snack foods such as cookies.

In this experiment SunOpta Canadian Harvest oat fiber was added to a generic peanut butter cookie recipe. There were two variations of the cookies; one with 2.5 g of additional fiber and the other with 5 g of fiber. The aim was to make them good and excellent sources of fiber.

The results of the objective tests showed that the addition of oat fiber produced significantly softer and thicker cookies. These changes imparted muffin-like characteristics to the cookies. The control cookies were rated significantly sweeter than the variants with fiber in them. However, there was no difference in the chewiness rating. The judges rated the control cookies highest for preference and cookies with 5 g of fiber as the least acceptable. However, there was no significant difference between the preference for the control cookies and cookies with 2.5 g of oat fiber. It can be concluded that cookies which have 2.5 g of added fiber are an acceptable product.

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