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The Effect of Milk Substitutes in Yellow Cake

by Kelly Hughey & Lacey Underwood

Kelly Hughey & Lacey Underwood

Consuming cow's milk in baked products, such as cakes, poses a problem for individuals with lactose intolerance. When considering the need for more lactose-free foods, we researched the effects of milk substitutes in a basic yellow cake. Three variations of the cake were made using the original 2% milk, soy-milk and rice-milk. A series of sensory evaluations were completed by 15 volunteer judges. 

Then objective tests were performed in the laboratory.  We gave the judges difference tests, preference tests and three intensity tests.  Although judges could tell the cakes apart, we found no significant differences in sweetness, saltiness, flavor intensity or physicality. Preference tests revealed that the three variations were equally satisfactory.  Soy and rice-milk were found to be acceptable milk substitutes.

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