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Diet Lemon Lime Soft Drink as a Replacement for Eggs, Oil, and Water in a Commercial Cake Mix May be an Acceptable Replacement

by Priska Baker, Kimberly Davis, Eva Rivas

Priska Baker, Kimberly Davis, Eva Rivas

In today's life is fast paced and many cakes are made from commercial box mixes. This study was preformed in order to see if Funfetti cake mix could be prepared healthier and still be an acceptable product.  In order to make it healthier, the goal was to remove the cholesterol and reduce the calories by using diet lemon lime soda in place of the eggs, oil, and water or using egg whites and diet lemon lime soda instead of eggs, oil, and water.

This was a controlled case study where participants were given samples in a closed booth and were asked to rate the products on their preference, moistness, chewiness, and sweetness.  Two triangle tests were also preformed to see if subjects could identify the odd sample. In addition, two objective tests were preformed; one on penetration force to measure the tenderness and one to measure cake height. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Tukey's LSD test with a 5% level of probability were used to determine if there were any differences between variations.

Anyone was able to participate in the study, unless they had some type of food allergy. This experiment used roughly 65 participants.  We concluded that there are some differences in the control and the diet lemon lime soda version. However, on most of the sensory tests there was no difference. Therefore, we concluded that diet lemon lime soda in Funfetti cake may be an acceptable substitute. In addition, we concluded that the two diet soda versions are even closer in the sensory and objective tests. Therefore, if you were to pick a substitution the plain diet lemon lime soda and cake mix would be the best with fewer calories and no cholesterol.

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