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Cream Cheese Variables For A Healthier Cheesecake

by M.R. Rollolazo, M.M. Kilkelly, A.M. Basinger

M.R. Rollolazo, M.M. Kilkelly, A.M. Basinger

The purpose of this study was to find a reasonable substitute for the original cream cheese recipe that included a high portion of fat. A total of three cheesecakes were made for this study.

A control cake consisted of regular cream cheese and the other two variables contained light cream cheese and the other with fat free cream cheese.  Forty-two untrained judges volunteered their time to test our cheesecake samples. Each judge was given a sweetness and triangle test to see if they could distinguish the odd sample of three cheesecakes in which two samples were the same. Half of the judges also received a creaminess and acceptability test while the other half received a saltiness and preference test.

The results for the triangle test concluded that the light and fat free cream cheesecakes were the only cakes the judges could tell a difference between. The control was preferred over the other two variables and the reduced fat turned out to be an acceptable alternative for preference. Each of the three cheesecakes was given two objective tests for stickiness and height. To determine the height, we used vernier calipers measuring from the bottom of the cake to the top. Results showed there were no significant differences for height between the different variable of cakes.

For stickiness, we used the Universal Texture Analyzer which we found a significant difference required for penetration for all three cakes using a cone probe. Sensory tests concluded that the control and fat free had significant differences in saltines, acceptability, and preference. There turned out to be no significant differences between sweetness and creaminess between the three cheesecakes.

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