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Consumer Acceptance of Solo as a partial and Complete Salt Substitute in Split Pea Soup

by Anna Carr, Melissa Moser, Charity Spaulding

Anna Carr, Melissa Moser, Charity Spaulding

Reduced sodium and increased potassium intake may lower blood pressure and help reduce stroke risk in certain populations. This study determined consumer acceptance of SOLO salt substitute as a replacement for iodized salt in split pea soup. Three batches of a traditional Betty Crocker split pea soup were prepared as directed. A standard 100 % salt recipe was used as a control. SOLO was added to each of the other two soup batches to replace the sodium chloride in the standard recipe by 50 and 100 %, respectively. Triangle difference sensory test results showed significant (p<.05) difference between 100% salt and 100% SOLO treatments. 

Sixty eight untrained CWU students evaluated the three samples of soup for overall preference, preference based on saltiness, metallic aftertaste, bitterness intensity and saltiness intensity. Sensory scores for overall preference and preference based on saltiness were lower for both SOLO versions compared to 100 % salt (p<.05). No significant difference between treatments was found for metallic aftertaste, bitterness intensity, or saltiness intensity. Perhaps the addition of spices, herbs or flavors would make the SOLO soup as acceptable as the high salt varieties.

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