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Chia Seed (Salvia Hispanica L) Can be Used as a Thickener in Berry Pie Filling

by Kalyn Kenney, Katelin Toevs, and Sarah Quick

Kalyn Kenney, Katelin Toevs, and Sarah Quick

Through objective testing and subjective testing of a random convenience sample of 60 untrained sensory judges it has been determined that hand- milled chia seed (Salvia hispanica L) is an acceptable ingredient to replace cornstarch in berry pie filling. The purpose of replacing cornstarch with chia seed is to make a healthier product due to the added fiber.

Objective tests were completed to determine the physical differences between the cornstarch and the two experimental variations. We determined, with the help of statistics, whether: a) people can tell the difference between the three pie fillings, b) if there is a difference in texture and sweetness scores between pie fillings, c) if there is a significant difference in the amount of preference between the cornstarch pie filling and the two hand-milled chia seed pie fillings. The chia seed replaced 100% of the cornstarch in both of the recipes.

The first recipe contained 52 grams of chia seed; this recipe is considered a good source (GS) of fiber with 2.5 g per serving. The second recipe contained 104 grams, which provides an excellent source (ES) of fiber with 5 g per serving. Analysis of variance conducted on the sensory characteristics and acceptability did not indicate a statistically significant sensory effect when corn starch was replaced with chia seeds when testing for sweetness, texture, and overall acceptability (P<0.05).

This study demonstrated that chia seed can replace cornstarch as a thickener, while increasing the fiber content to a good or excellent source in every serving.

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