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Calcium Carbonate Powder is an Acceptable Addition to Fudge Brownies

by Kiya Mielnik, Patricia Parypa, Katherine Smith

Kiya Mielnik, Patricia Parypa, Katherine Smith

Fortification helps provide adequate nutrients for individuals that are not meeting dietary needs. Foods may be fortified with calcium to help individuals get necessary nutrients into their diets. This study examined the quality of brownies fortified with calcium carbonate at two different concentrations.

These brownies were compared to similarly prepared brownies (control). The calcium-fortified brownie variations included brownies with 600 mg of calcium carbonate per serving (34.9g brownie) as well as 1200 mg of calcium carbonate per serving (35.5g brownie). Height, stickiness and chewiness were similar. Consumers (N= 25) assessed each brownie variation using hedonic scales and reported liking the texture and flavor of the different variations. Also, consumers reported no differences in aftertaste. However, the control brownies were preferred (P< 0.05) over the brownies containing 600 mg of calcium carbonate.

Despite this difference, consumers were equally willing to purchase and consume both unfortified and fortified brownies. Overall, this study shows that fortification of brownies with various levels of calcium carbonate is a feasible alternative calcium source.

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