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Boxed Yellow Cake Mix Using Great Northern Beans As Fat Replacement

by Shelby Bodily, Aaron Senger, Ryan Burck, and Chase Pimentel

Shelby Bodily, Aaron Senger, Ryan Burck, and Chase Pimentel

This study was conducted in order to determine the sensory characteristics, preferences, and physical properties of a boxed yellow cake mix in comparison to two variable cakes, one that contained 140 grams of pureed Great Northern Beans, and 280 grams of the same puree. 

The problem we were addressing with this study, was whether or not Great Northern Beans could be used as a fat substitute in cake mixes, while still possessing the same characteristics and properties as the control boxed cake recipe.  We used a factorial design for our study and conducted triangle, duo-trio, and preference tests using volunteer subjects.  Our subjects were all fairly young in age and attended Central Washington University.  Each of our 24 subjects were asked to read through and sign waivers, after which they were informed of the testing they would be participating in in order to help reduce the possibility of subject error. 

Post hoc analysis of the Triangle Test using Tukey’s LSD, revealed that both of the variable bean puree cakes have significant difference statistically from the control.  The preference tests also gave us statistical evidence that there was a significant difference between each of the two variable cakes, (the 140-gram puree and the 280-gram puree cakes) as well as a significant difference between the variable cakes and the control. 

Our results show that statistically our variable cakes cannot be considered significantly different in all aspects compared to the control cake, but our Triangle and Preference tests do prove that the difference is statistically significant in those aspects that were studied by those two tests. 

With both cakes containing 57% less fat than the original recipe the claim can be made that Great Northern Beans can be feasible fat substitute when boxed yellow cake recipes, as well as qualifying for the label “reduced fat.”

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