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Benefat is a Successful Partial Fat Substitute in Chocolate Cake

by Megan A. Cleveland, Rosanna R. Erickson & Shawn C. Brown

Megan A. Cleveland, Rosanna R. Erickson & Shawn C. Brown

This study involved testing of three different chocolate cakes to determine the effects of the fat substitute Benefat on physical structure and sensory qualities.  The cakes included a control, 50% Benefat substitution, and 100% Benefat substitution.  Thirty untrained Central Washington University student judges evaluated the cakes for moistness, tenderness, density, preference, and general differences (triangle tests).  Triangle tests revealed that judges could tell the difference between the control and 100% and the 50/50 and 100%, but not between the control and 50/50. 

Objective and sensory testing indicated that the control and 50/50 were not significantly different in moistness, preference, triangle tests, compressibility, cohesiveness, shear force, middle height, slope, or percent moisture loss.  The 100% version was significantly less tender, moist, and preferred, and more dense, compressible, and cohesive than the other versions.  The 50/50 is an acceptable substitute for the control.

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