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Benefat and Tofu are Successful Fat Substitutes in Pound Cake

by Shannon Carmody and Heather Tjarnberg

Shannon Carmody and Heather Tjarnberg

Obesity, heart disease, and cancer are conditions that are widespread among Americans and are shown to be correlated with a high fat intake.  Food companies have been at work developing products that can be substituted for fat in foods. 

After the completion of a research study, 2 products, Benefat and tofu, were found to be successful fat substitutes in pound cake.  Benefat is a fat-based fat substitute that provides five Calories per gram, creating a reduced fat pound cake.  Tofu was used as a fat-free protein-based replacement, forming a fat free pound cake. 

Triangle tests showed that there were significant differences between the three cakes.  Further sensory evaluations of the moistness, sweetness, firmness, and chewiness aspects of the cakes showed that both cake varieties were acceptable products.  Preference tests concluded that tofu was the most acceptable fat replacement in pound cake.

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