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Benefat as an Acceptable Fat Substitute for Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Zhenya Balandova, Heather Walker, Kasey Southards

Zhenya Balandova, Heather Walker, Kasey Southards

Low fat diet can help reduce risk factors for many leading causes of death today, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus and some types of cancers. This study evaluated the effectiveness of Benefat as a partial or whole fat substitute in chocolate chip cookies. Sensory evaluation was done on a total of 55 student judges to find tenderness, flavor, and moisture intensity, and texture and overall preference. Difference test were done to see if subjects could tell the difference between the cookies.

Objective testing was performed using TA.XT2 to measure the shear and compression force, and vernier calipers to measure cookie height. The results identify moisture and tenderness to be increased with the amount of Benefat in the cookie. However, flavor intensity, and texture and overall preference had no significant difference. Therefore, Benefat is an acceptable substitute for chocolate chip cookies.

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