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Attributes of Quinoa Flour are an Acceptable Replacement for All-purpose Flour

by Nikki Harra, Tara Lemm, Courtney Smith

Nikki Harra, Tara Lemm, Courtney Smith

Removing gluten from the diet is the treatment of Celiac disease and many other levels of gluten intolerance. This study determined if using gluten-free flour is an acceptable replacement for gluten-based flour.

Peanut-butter thumbprint cookies were prepared with quinoa flour (quinoa) and compared objectively/subjectively to both 100% all-purpose flour (all-purpose), which served as the control and a 50/50 mixture of all-purpose/quinoa flour (50/50). Shear force to penetrate, maximum force to withdrawal, shear force to cut and volume measurements were the objective tests performed. All objective tests presented with a significant differences (P<.05).

Approximately 30 Central Washington University students were asked to evaluate the cookies subjectively in a controlled environment. Sensory scores for difference, chewiness/tenderness, saltiness, sweetness and preference were all done on a rated scale. There were no differences between the all-purpose and 50/50 but difference presented between all-purpose and quinoa. The quinoa was a chewier, sweeter cookie than the all-purpose (P<.05). Quinoa flour showed to have attributes that are an acceptable replacement for all-purpose flour in a peanut-butter thumbprint cookie.

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