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Applesauce May be An acceptable Fat Substitue in Quick Mix Chocolate Cookies

by Kelsey Bierlein, Stephanie Woods

Kelsey Bierlein, Stephanie Woods

This research project examined the acceptability of Motts® Applesauce Plus Pomegranate as a fat substitute in quick mix Betty Crocker® chocolate cookies.

A high fat diet can contribute to excessive weight and obesity.  It is important to address this particular nutrition problem of obese individuals for many reasons. One of the main reasons to help with this problem is because of the large percent of adults and children that are overweight or obese and the rate that it is increasing. Of the 60 million American adult 30% are obese, and 16% of children and teens are considered overweight according to the National Center Health Statistics. In the past 20 years there has been an increase of obesity in adults by 60%. The rate has doubled for children and tripled for adolescents since 1980. Finding ways to use fat replacements such as applesauce in baked goods would develop treats that could be enjoyed and aide in the effort of reducing overall fat intake.  

This study found that Motts® Applesauce Plus Pomegranate may be an acceptable fat replacement in Betty Crocker® quick mix chocolate cookies.  The applesauce replaced the half (50%) or all (100%) of vegetable oil called for in the recipe that created three variations of the cookies to test with.  Sensory evaluation was completed on untrained Central Washington University students and objective measurements were taking using food sensory equipment. Sweetness, moistness, and preference testing showed significant differences. Chewiness and chewiness preference showed no significant differences. Objective testing of height and penetration force showed significant differences between the control and applesauce replaced cookies.

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