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Applesauce as Fat Substitute in Chocolate Chip Cookies with the Addition of Amaranth Flour

by Adilene Caballero, Valeria Orbegozo, Rachael Segura

Adilene Caballero, Valeria Orbegozo, Rachael Segura

Replacing fat in an all-time favorite snack for children would decrease the over-consumption of calories by children. Not only that, but using a replacement such as applesauce would also ensure a child gets more fruits into their diets and the addition of amaranth would also contribute to the consumption of protein(7).

The objective of this study was to test the acceptability of a reduced fat chocolate chip cookie. To perform this study three different recipes where used. There was the control recipe, a 50/50 recipe in which half of the butter used was replaced with applesauce, and a complete butter replacement recipe in which all the butter was replaced with applesauce. In the full replacement recipe we also added amaranth flour with a 25:75 ratio meaning 25% of the flour used was amaranth and 75% was all-purpose flour. 

The sensory evaluations were performed at Central Washington University on 20 students whom attend the university. Names of subjects where not used in the study. Only the collected data was used. A consent form was provided in which it is stated: “The data from this study will only be presented in group summary form. No information specific to you will be disclosed. Data linking with your responses will be destroyed within 60 days.”

The students tried the three cookie samples and then took three different tests: a Triangle test, an Acceptability test, and a Chewiness Intensity test. The Triangle test evaluates three coded samples of cookies and it is the student’s task to pick the odd sample out. For the Acceptability test, the students are given a 9-point scale of which to rate the cookies’ quality. Lastly, the Chewiness Intensity test evaluates the sweetness of the cookies using a 9-point scale.

In conclusion, our results showed that the all applesauce plus amaranth flour cookie was the most acceptable out of the three cookies tested. The control was in the middle with its acceptability and the 50/50 was the least acceptable. There was no significant difference between the acceptability of all three cookies. The results showed that the chewiness intensity of all three cookies had no significant difference. This may be due in part that everyone has different tastes and perceptions.

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