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Almond Flour is an Acceptable Substitute for All-Purpose Flour in Peanut Butter Cookies

by Christina Lashbrook & Stefanie Frankovic

Christina Lashbrook & Stefanie Frankovic

The objective of the study was to measure the effect of replacing wheat flour with almond flour in peanut butter cookies.  Three variations of cookies were used.  There was a control, where no modifications were made, a half-modified cookie, which replaced half of the wheat flour with almond flour and an all-modified with all of the wheat flour replaced with almond flour.

Twenty untrained CWU students were the judges.  The sensory tests used were a preference test, triangle test, and tests for moistness, chewiness and nuttiness.

Objective tests included penetration and compression force using a Universal Texture Analyzer, TA.XT2, height and width using Vernier Calipers and percent moisture using a drying oven.  Analysis of variance and Fisher's PLSD were used to determine significant difference.  The preference results showed no significant difference between the cookies, however, attributes such as chewiness, moistness and nuttiness were highest in the all-almond flour cookie.

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