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The Addition of a Whey Protein Supplement in a Low-Fat Chocolate Cake

by Allisha Falk, Jeff Berry, and Brett Stewart

Objective: Research has shown in patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, are more susceptible to compromised immune systems and decreased caloric, vitamin and mineral absorption. The purpose of this study was to alter the nutritional value of a low-fat chocolate cake, by adding a whey protein concentrate supplement.

Design: The development of a low-fat, low-calorie cake recipe was created in order to accommodate to individuals seeking a product with a higher value of nutritional quality. While choosing a product which already offered the benefits of a low-fat, lower calorie option, the two variable cake recipes offer the additional benefits of added protein, vitamins, and minerals. Based off FDA Daily Values for protein intake (50 g), variation one was a good source of protein, while variation two was an excellent source. Since the control recipe makes 18 69g servings at 1.7 g of protein per serving, for variation one to be a good source of protein, meeting 10% of the Daily Value, we added a total of 52.2 g of protein. For variation two, in order for it to be considered an excellent source of protein meeting 20% of your Daily Value, we added a total of 142.2 g of whey protein to the mix.

Participants: Female and male college age students (n=36) agreed to be active, participants in this study. It was a single blind study, where students were given the different variations and control, and were asked to give subjective sensory analysis of the products.

Results: Significant findings were observed between the three products, when sensory and objective analysis was conducted. The variations of the control recipe, provided statistical evidence that the products were acceptable substitutions, in regards to flavor and textural properties (p>0.05).

Conclusion: This study has confirmed that the addition of a whey protein supplement to an already altered low-fat, low-calorie cake recipe, can provide a good/excellent source of high quality protein.

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