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Addition of Hi-maize, Natural Dietary Fiber, to a commercial cake Mix

by Megan Romo, Charlene Mize, Kimberly Warfel

Megan Romo, Charlene Mize, Kimberly Warfel

This research project examined the acceptability of Natural Hi-maize Resistant Starch (National Starch Food Innovation, Indianapolis) as a fiber additive to the commercial cake mix, Pillsbury Funfetti (General Mills, Minneapolis).  Dietary fiber intake among American adults averages 15g, approximately half the recommended amount of 25-38g (1).  Finding an acceptable way to increase fiber in commercial cake mix could aid in increasing total dietary fiber intake.  Hi-maize Resistant Starch passes through the small intestine, and is broken down in the large intestine by GI bacteria (2).

This study found Hi-maize to be an acceptable fiber additive to Funfetti cake muffins when used in the amounts to achieve 10% daily value (DV), for a good source, and 20% DV, for an excellent source of fiber per serving.  Three variations of mini sized Funfetti cake muffins consisted of an unaltered control, 10% DV, and 20% DV of fiber.  Sensory evaluation was completed by untrained university student judges and objective evaluation was measured with food sensory equipment.  Sensory measurement of sweetness intensity showed the control to be sweeter than the 20% DV. 

The objective evaluation of height showed 20% DV as being taller than both 10% DV and the control. No differences were found between the control, 10% DV, and 20% DV when measuring preference, texture, moisture, batter viscosity and penetration force.

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