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Adding Lentils to Chocolate Devils Food Cake Maintains Acceptable Quality Product

by Kyle Peper & Robert Bush

Kyle Peper & Robert Bush

The objective of the study was to measure the effect of adding cooked and pureed lentils to a chocolate devils food cake.  Three variations were tested: control (CTL), lentil-added (LA), 50% reduced fat lentil-added (RFLA). 

Thirty Central Washington University students volunteered as untrained judges for sensory testing in a blind study using a controlled setting.  Two triangle tests were performed along with three sensory evaluation tests: tenderness, moistness, and preference using a 9-point hedonic scale.  Additionally, four objective tests were performed. 

A Universal Texture Analyzer, TA.XT2, (Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY) was used to measure penetration force and compressibility.  Cake height and moisture content (%) where also measured.  Two-way analysis of variance and Tukey's LSD were performed to determine significant differences, P< 0.05.  Initial triangle tests found only LA to be significantly different from CTL.  There was a trend for RFLA to also be significantly different from CTL. 

Further sensory tests showed LA and CTL to be significantly more tender as compared to RFLA.  No significant differences between any of the cakes were found in the sensory tests for moistness and overall preference. 

Objective tests showed significant differences of both LA and RFLA being less tender, having higher moisture content, and lower cake height as compared to CTL for tenderness, moisture content (%), and cake height.  The CTL was significantly less firm than RFLA but neither was significantly different from LA.  Adding lentils to a chocolate devils food cake maintains an acceptable quality product.

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