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Acceptance of Enova Oil and Egg Beaters with Added Lecithin as Vegetable Oil and Egg Substitutes in Fudge Brownies

by Chelsea Murphy, Cody Noyes, & Shawna Lunder

Chelsea Murphy, Cody Noyes, & Shawna Lunder

Research was conducted to determine acceptable substitutes in a box brownie mix to make a healthier option.

The first substitute was Enova oil for the original vegetable oil, and the second was Enova for the vegetable oil with an addition of Egg Beaters with lecithin for regular eggs in the recipe. There were 40 college-aged judges used on four subjective tests along with 20 implementations of two objective tests. Judges were recruited via extra credit opportunity and random participation. Tests were conducted between two different days, with three subjective tests preformed on each day, and both objective tests were done on the same day to ensure reliability of findings.

Statistics show that although all three forms of the brownies are considered acceptable by sensory evaluation, there was statistical significance between them in several of the tests preformed. Statistical significance was shown between the Egg Beaters with lecithin in comparison to the control and Enova replacement substitutes in the chewiness and Moistness sensory evaluations. The Egg Beaters with lecithin brownies were also statistically different from the other two substitutes when compared using height calipers and the TA.xT2 compression force tests.

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