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Acceptablility of Snickerdoodle Cookies Using Xylitol as a Sugar Substitute

by Katy Lachman and Kara Odiaga

Katy Lachman and Kara Odiaga

The purpose of this study was to find if xylitol is an acceptable sugar substitute in Betty Crooker's snickerdoodle cookies.  Two variations, 50% xylitol and 100% xylitol, were tested against the control.  Duo-trio tests were given to 20 untrained judges along with 4 sensory tests which include: sweetness, tenderness, chewiness, and acceptability. 

Objective evaluation was measured by 5 objective tests.  Three tests used the Universal Texture Analyzer (TA.XT2) measuring break force and penetrations.  Two of the tests measured the height and width using vernier calipers.  Statistical analysis was determined using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Fischer's LSD, p<0.05.  Five out of five objective tests determined significant differences between all three variations. 

Three out of four of the sensory tests determined significant differences.  Based on the sensory and objective tests, 100% xylitol was determined an unacceptable snickerdoodle cookie, while the 50% variation was found to be as acceptable as the control.

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