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Food Science and Nutrition Alumni

Acceptability of whole wheat muffins with added Phytosterols

by Alexa Kaftan, Lili Silva, Muayyad Karadsheh

Alexa Kaftan, Lili Silva, Muayyad Karadsheh

Heart disease is the nation’s leading cause of death. Heart disease is worsened by several risk factors such as hypertension, smoking, and hypercholesterolemia. Two of these risk factors can be decreased by a change in diet. Hypercholesterolemia is caused by an excess of dietary saturated and Trans fats.  A possible solution to this serious problem is to increase the amount of phytosterols consumed daily. An attractive vehicle for these LDL-reducing compounds is a whole wheat muffin which also increases the amount of fiber consumed daily.

The design of this study included sensory and objective tests. The sensory testing included two duo-trio tests and one preference test. The objective tests completed include penetration force, muffin height and moisture testing. The sensory evaluations were completed in tasting booths with 26 judges. The statistical procedures utilized were the ANOVA and LSD to determine whether a significant difference was demonstrated between the three groups. In the sensory testing the judges were unable to discern a difference with the addition of phytosterols. The objective tests demonstrated different outcomes in moistness, penetration force, and muffin height. Based on both the sensory and objective testing of the muffins, the added phytosterols are acceptable baked products to consume.

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