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Acceptability of Splenda, Sweet�n Low or Stevia Powder as a Replacement for Cane Sugar in Sugar Cookies

by Maryann Judd and Kristin Johnson

The objective of the study was to measure the effect of replacing cane sugar with sugar substitutes.

Approximately thirty untrained CWU affiliates volunteered as sensory judges in a blind study using a controlled environment. The judges participated in three duo-trio tests which compared the control against the other variations. The remaining sensory tests consisted of an overall preference test, as well as sweetness, saltiness, bitterness intensity tests, and a moistness evaluation test using a nine point hedonic scale.

Four objective tests were preformed on each batch of cookies. Universal Texture Analyzer, TA.XT2 (Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY) was used to measure cone penetration and shear force. Vernier calipers were used to measure cookie height, and wetability techniques were used to determine percent moisture.

Analysis of Variance, P < 0.05, and Tukey's LSD were used to determine significant differences between the control and the three variations. The duo-trio, overall preference, and sweetness intensity tests detected significant differences between the control and all three variations. Saltiness intensity tests detected no significant differences. Bitterness intensity test detected significant differences between the control and the Sweet'n Low and Stevia Powder variations.

Moistness evaluation showed a significant difference between the control and the Sweet'n Low variation. Both percent moisture and cone penetration found significant differences between the control and all variations. There were significant differences detected in height between the control and both Sweet'n Low and Stevia Powder. Splenda and Stevia Powder were significantly different when compared against the control during sheer force testing.

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