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Acceptability of Probiotic Fortification of Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

by Margo Anderson, Caitlin Estey, and Jennifer Johnson

Margo Anderson, Caitlin Estey, and Jennifer Johnson

The human gastrointestinal (GI) tract is naturally host to trillions of bacteria that, when depleted, may contribute to a variety of diseases and disorders.  Supplementing the diet with probiotics in order to recolonize the GI tract is known to have proven health benefits that may reduce disease and/or promote good health.  This study examined the acceptability of chocolate no-bake cookies fortified with a daily dose of probiotics (as recommended by the manufacturer, Neutraceutical Corporation, Park City, Utah).

Central Washington University Dining Service’s chocolate no-bake cookie recipe was used as the control and the test cookie was fortified with 45g of probiotic powder. Therefore, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, consuming a single serving of cookies would result in a daily dose of probiotics.

Statistical analysis of data from an extended duo-trio test for sensory attributes, obtained from a panel of 30 untrained judges, revealed that no significant difference could be detected between the two cookies.  Preference ratings based on overall look, feel, aroma, and taste on a 9-point hedonic scale showed both cookies were well liked. 

Objective tests revealed no significant difference in penetration force, withdrawal force, and shear force when both modified and control cookies were measured using a TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer.   This study demonstrates that fortification of a chocolate no-bake cookie with a daily dose of probiotics does not alter the acceptability of the cookie and produces a well-liked product undistinguishable from an unmodified version.

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