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Acceptability of Litesse Ultra® in Pound Cake to Increase Fiber Content

by Zachary R. Stimac, Hoi-Yi Ting, and Chad Horton

Zachary R. Stimac, Hoi-Yi Ting, and Chad Horton

High soluble fiber intake may reduce serum cholesterol, decrease bowels problems, and provide a more stable blood sugar level for those with diabetes.

This study was performed in order to see if Litesse Ultra®, a polydextrose powder made by Danisco, could be an acceptable partial flour substitute to increase fiber content in pound cake. All purpose flour was partially replaced by Litesse Ultra® in two concentrations; 10% and 20%. The total fiber content in the pound cake would increase from 0g per serving to 2.5 and 5 g per serving, respectively.

Sensory evaluation was done with 52 panelists in two triangle tests, which were performed to see if subjects were able to identify the Litesse Ultra® samples from the control samples. Five objective tests were done to examine the physical differences between the cakes including the viscosity of the batters, height, moisture and tenderness (through the top crust and without crust) of the cakes. Significant differences were found in all objective tests; however no significant difference was found in sensory tests. Therefore, we concluded that Litesse Ultra® is an acceptable fiber supplement in pound cake.

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