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Acceptability of Greek yogurt as a healthier alternative for cream cheese in cheesecake

by Shena Jaramillo, Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner, Dianna Beaulaurier

Shena Jaramillo, Reiko Kobayashi-Wagner, Dianna Beaulaurier

This study determined the overall acceptability of cheesecakes made with Greek yogurt as a healthier alternative to replace the cream cheese for a traditional cheesecake recipe.

Since quality is a major consideration for acceptability in variations of cheesecake, nonfat Greek yogurt was used to replace 40% and 50% of cream cheese in a control cheesecake recipe, and 25 untrained students of Central Washington University were recruited to test the acceptability of these cheesecakes.

Control groups were used to determine if there was a difference between sample groups and variation groups for reduced-fat cheesecakes. The structure of protein and reduced fat content maintained the structure of the experimental groups. Subjects (N=25) evaluated each cheesecake through duo-trio testing, sweetness, sourness, preference and tenderness (P<0.05).

Objective testing included compression tests, height and volume for variations. Data obtained from the sensory analysis (using Microsoft Excel 2007 and Tukey’s least significant difference method) indicates that significant differences were observed between due-trio tests, yet preference ratings were not considered significantly different between the 50/50 variation and the control group. Cake height and penetration force varied greatly among the control and reduced fat variations.

Overall, this study shows that replacing 50% of the cream cheese with Greek yogurt may be a desirable substitute for a reduced-fat cheesecake.

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