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The Acceptability of Fructo-Oligosaccharides as a Sugar Substitute in Applesauce Cake

by Jodie L. Baunsgard and Nobuko Narita

Jodie L. Baunsgard and Nobuko Narita

The purpose of this experiment was to discern if fructo-oligosaccharides could be used as a sugar substitute in applesauce cake. Some benefits include calorie reduction, improvement of calcium absorption, increased HDL levels, the prevision of provides Bifidobacteria that stimulates intestinal flora, decreased colon cancer, decreased stool pH, reduced fasting blood sugar levels and improved dental health. 

The study was designed with three different varieties of applesauce cake. There were 40 participants in the sensory evaluation and difference testing. The sensory evaluation included testing for moistness, sweetness and preference. The difference tests included the triangle test.

Additionally, there were objective tests performed, including texture analysis, compression force, height of three pieces of cake, wet/dry analysis and a test measuring the height at 7cm in to the cake.  Analysis of variance testing was performed on outcomes of our study. If there was any significant difference then a Fisher's PLSD test was used.

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