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Acceptability of Corn Bread Prepared Using Butterbeans as a Fat Ingredient Substitute

by Maressa Grace and Sandra Latham

Maressa Grace and Sandra Latham

Increased amounts of fat in the American diet has led to obesity and diabetes becoming major concerns for the American public with 65% of U.S. adults either overweight or obese (2). A baby born today has a one-in-five chance of becoming diabetic during their lifetime (1). Reducing fats in the diet will help reduce blood cholesterol levels for people with Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), and reduce blood sugar levels.

This study determined that butter beans were an acceptable replacement for fats in cornbread. The judges in this study could not detect a difference in bean flavor between samples. Responses from 31 judges revealed only a slight detectable difference in preference within the three samples that included control 50% fat replacement with butter beans and 100% replacement with butter beans. The tenderness was acceptable to the human judges.

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