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The Acceptability of Citri-Fi as a Fat Replacement in Muffins

by Stephanie Reading & Emily DeLacey

Stephanie Reading & Emily DeLacey

The purpose of this study was to test the characteristics and acceptability of muffins using Citri-Fi, a citrus pulp functional food ingredient, as a fat replacement. Sensory and objective tests were conducted to understand the differences in tenderness, moistness, chewiness, preference, height, width, puncture and compression force. Objective tests measured height and width using a caliper, the Warner Bratzler Shear Press to measure force required to cut a muffin, the TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer to measure the compression and withdrawal force using a punch probe.

26-32 male and female college students participated as judges. Statistical significance was determined using analysis of variance and Tukey's LSD tests (p<0.05). Duo-trio tests found that judges could tell the difference between the control and the fat replacements but not between the fat replacements. The control muffins were the tenderest and were about the same width as the fat replacements. The fat replacements were the moistest, the tallest and about the same amount of chewiness and the fat replacements. The fat replacements took the most force to compress, puncture, shear and were the widest. There was significant difference in the mean preference ratings between the three samples of muffins. The control group scored the highest. These findings suggest that Citri-Fi may not be an acceptable substitute for fat replacement in muffins.

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