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The Acceptability of Benefat as a Fat Substitute in Sugar Cookies

by Leanna Blue, Carisa Sundsmo, Carolina Lopez

Leanna Blue, Carisa Sundsmo, Carolina Lopez

Cookies made with Crisco are a high calorie food. Benefat is a possible fat substitute that functions like fat but only supplies 5 calories per gram compared to 9 calories per gram from Crisco. A cookie recipe by Nestle Toll House was used to make cookies replacing the fat source Crisco with Benefat made by Danisco. Three variations were made. A Control, 50% Crisco and 50% Benefat, and a 100% Benefat, all other ingredients, preparations, and cooking procedures were held constant.

Sensory evaluations took place in environmentally controlled booths involving 25 untrained judges. Sensory evaluations included a triangle difference test, preference test, intensity tests for tenderness, saltiness, sweetness, and buttery flavor. Objective tests included height, diameter, density, shear force and compression force. Although differences were found in tenderness for subjective and objective tests, they did not influence the judges' preference for the cookies.

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