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Acceptability of Adding Inulin to Fudge Brownies to make a “Good Source” of Fiber Claim

by Josh Hudson, Erika Hahn, and Cheryl Nitta

Josh Hudson, Erika Hahn, and Cheryl Nitta

The aim of this study was to investigate the acceptability of adding inulin as a fiber enhancer to a commercial fudge brownie mix and to compare sensory and objective characteristics.

Three levels of inulin batter were tested: an unaltered control, an experimental #1 formulation (E1) that contained 20% of the dietary reference intake (DRI) of fiber, and an experimental #2 formulation (E2) that contained 20% of the AI of fiber and removed 50 g of brownie mix.

The extended triangle test revealed that judges were able to distinguish the control brownies from the E1 (22/31 judges, p<0.001) and E2 (22/33 judges, p<0.001) brownies (Table 2). The preference test showed that E1 was preferred over E2.

The chewiness intensity test revealed no difference among all three brownies. Data obtained from the objective tests indicate that the control had less penetration, compression, and retraction force than E1 and E2. Additionally, the control had greater height and had higher moisture content than E2. Therefore, the addition of inulin to a fudge brownie mix may be considered acceptable to consumers.

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