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A 50 % White Wheat Flour Substitution is an Acceptable Substitute for All-Purpose Flour in a Standard Biscuit Recipe

by Shannon Coughlin,  Jeana Records, and Stacey Waletzko

Shannon Coughlin,  Jeana Records, and Stacey Waletzko

Scientists spent eight years developing white wheat flour. If this flour is a successful substitute it would disguise the color in many products and would be more accepted by elementary school- aged children. This research project conducted determined if white wheat flour was an acceptable substitute for all purpose flour in a standard biscuit recipe. Three samples were produced: a control, a 50% white wheat substitute, and a 100% white wheat substitute for all-purpose flour. Twenty-five untrained judges evaluated the three biscuits under red light conditions in separate sensory booths.

ensory tests done include: tenderness, an extended triangle test, preference test, and saltiness test. Objective testing done includes: TA.XT2 Universal Texture Analyzer with a cone probe and the Warner-Bratzler Shear test on all three biscuits. This study concludes that the product with a 50% substitution is an acceptable alternate for all-purpose flour in a standard biscuit recipe.

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