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50% Açaí is an Acceptable Fat Replacement in Fudge Brownies; The Staling Effects of Açaías A Fat Replacement in Fudge Brownies

by Bret Rust, Michael Sconce, Michelle Walton

Bret Rust, Michael Sconce, Michelle Walton

Açaí (Ah-Sigh-ee) is the top rated fruit in antioxidant potential as measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) (1). Açaí puree is frequently used as a component of fruit smoothies to enhance antioxidant potential. The purpose of the present research was to assess the performance of Açaí as a fat replacement in fudge brownies in flavor characteristics and in staling behavior.

Eight distinct batches of a control recipe (C), 50% volume for volume replacement (50) and a 100% less one tablespoon volume for volume replacement (100) of margarine with Açaí were tested using a total of 81 judges for five types of sensory evaluation tests and seven objective tests. Sensory Evaluation judges were able to discern differences between each group. 50 was not statistically different from C in overall general preference tests and in chocolate intensity, sweetness and moistness. 50 was found to be significantly higher in tenderness than C and 100. 100 was significantly lower in general preference.

Desiccation trials revealed declining performance especially in exaggerated drying conditions of both 50% and 100%. Açaí puree offers an acceptable fat replacement at 50% volume for volume fat replacement in fudge brownies. Use of a water soluble fat replacer may lead to accelerated staling in fudge brownies over normal fat content brownie recipes especially when improperly stored.

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