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Des Moines

Writing Center

CWU-Des Moines Learning Support Services/Writing and Math Center provides peer tutoring services for all center and online major students. Tutors can work with you on any assignment for any class to help you build your academic writing, critical thinking, and research skills.

Sandi Gruberg, Assistant Director    

Des Moines Center
Higher Education Building 29, Office 313
Phone: (206) 439-3800 ext.3827

Writing tutoring at the Des Moines Center:

Writing tutoring (any class/subject) is available in Des Moines on a drop-in or appointment basis. Drop-in is offered first come/first-served. In-person appointments can be scheduled in Des Moines by emailing

Tutoring by subject at the Des Moines center:
CWU-Des Moines offers tutoring in the following subjects: accounting/finance, supply chain management, psychology, statistics, and ITAM. Subject-specific tutoring is by appointment. Please email to book a tutoring session.

Fall 2016 CWU-Des Moines Tutoring Schedule
Writing9am- 2:30pm9am- 4:30pm9am-3pm9am-5pmOnlineOnlineOnline
6pm- 8pm7:30pm- 9pm5pm-8pm    
Accounting/ Finance
6pm- 8pm
9am - 12pm &
7:30pm- 9pm
9am- 12pm
Supply Chain12pm- 2:30pm2pm- 4:30pm12pm- 2:30pm    
6pm- 8pm7:30pm- 9pm6pm-8pm    
Psych Stats6pm- 8pm7:30pm- 9pm5pm-8pm3pm-5pm   
ITAM     OnlineOnline


Online Tutoring:


The CWU Online Tutoring: Learning Support Services provides online writing tutoring services for all University Center and online-major students. Writing tutors can work with you via email, phone, or Skype to help you build your academic writing, research, and problem-solving skills.

Tutoring is available throughout the day, Monday through Sunday. Please log into the "Online Tutoring: Learning Support Services" under your Canvas course list or visit our webpage at for more information about our program or to schedule an appointment.
If you have any questions about our services, please email our tutors at

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Questions? Please email
Or call (206) 439-3800 ext. 3827.

CWU-Des Moines
Phone: 206-439-3800
Fax: 509-963-3809


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