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Des Moines

Individualized/Specialized Studies

The most flexible major offered by CWU, Individual Studies is designed for students whose goals are not met by any other curriculum. Students in this program design their own course of study and create interdisciplinary concentrations to meet their own educational needs. Each path is unique.

This degree is for students who want to emerge from college having equipped themselves with skills and knowledge essential in the 21st century workplace. Through integrating material from a variety of disciplines, students will possess essential learning outcomes highly valued by employers.

Individual Studies students receive a distinctive educational experience that allows them to integrate other college-level learning into university course work. This program is also an effective route to degree completion for those who have accumulated a substantial number of college credits.

Courses may be taken at any CWU campus and online.


Program Requirements

  - Applicants must have completed 60 credit hours of study with a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA and be in academic good standing for admission.

  - All proposal materials must be submitted for approval at least three (3) quarters prior to anticipated graduation.


For more information, please see the Individual Studies webpage: